Our Mission:

To provide biblical and emotional support to the families of Prodigals and prisoners who have chosen to wander from the Father’s purpose and plan for their lives.  We also provide support to the prodigal and re-entry guidance to the ex-offender.

Our Vision:

Through the power of God’s Word and intercessory prayer, our intention is to empower families to experience the same unconditional love and forgiveness the Father shows the Prodigal in bringing reconciliation and restoration to the family. We encourage families to stand in the gap through prayer for their prodigal, with the hope that they will one day come back home to the Heavenly Father’s open arms. Our goal is to see the lives of those we minister to changed and encouraged by the power of the Holy Spirit as He ministers through us to comfort the brokenhearted.

Office Phone Number: 336-829-5060

January 2017 Newsletter, Volume 13, Issue 1

January 2017 Newsletterowlad-1-17