Celebrating Success - On Wings Like A Dove

Celebrating Miracles and Victories in 2021-22

Bibles Mailed to Inmates Who Request A Bible

Eight years ago, an inmate wrote asking if OWLAD could get him a Bible. The OWLAD board voted to grant the request. Sensing that additional inquiries would follow, the board committed to always sending a quality Study Bible, reiterating to the Inmate our view of the importance of the God’s Word, and providing the inmate a Bible that he or she can be proud to study. Word of mouth in the prison led quickly to more requests.

In 2021, OWLAD mailed 1256 ESV Study Bibles in response to inmate requests through the mail. Through July, 2022, OWLAD has mailed an additional 561 ESV Study Bibles so far this year.

Bible Study Correspondence Courses

In addition to Bibles, OWLAD sponsors Bible Study Correspondence Courses with mentors communicating with inmates who study the Bible, chapter by chapter, one Book at a time. with the mentor and inmate sharing written conversation about the inmate’s answers to Bible Study questions. Our mentors are always fresh and forward with the Gospel, seeking to share Jesus and salvation with the inmate friend.

In 2021, OWLAD mailed 793 Bible Study Correspondence Courses in response to inmate requests through the mail. Note that 317 of these were new first-time requests for a Bible Study and 423 were return requests from inmates for an additional Bible Study. Through July, 2022, OWLAD has mailed an additional 313 Correspondence Courses; 123 of these are new first-time requests and 190 of these are return requests for an additional Bible Study.

A New Initiative – On Wings of Hope: Managed Transitional Housing for Ex-Offenders

One of the greatest needs of inmates returning to society is faith-based transitional housing.

In 2022, OWLAD has begun a new initiative, On Wings of Hope. Our first On Wings of Hope Men’s House on Bon Air Ave is open with 4 residents, with a fifth joining us in October. Our first On Wings of Hope Women’s House on Pine Tree Rd is now open with 1 resident onboard who joined us in early September. Additional applications are currently under review for approval. Each home exists to provide transitional housing to ex-offenders at the time of their release from prison, as part of a 12-month closely managed faith-based program to enable qualified residential participants to gain life skills, employment opportunity, confidence, and a new sense of what it means to be a good citizen in a healthy community.  Volunteer Mentors are provided and committed to walk with the residents through every phase of their transition.

This new initiative, begun in early calendar 2022, is currently a special project, grant-funded by 2 approved grants from the Tom Davis Foundation. The homes are funded by the grants for approximately the first 30 months of operation, with plans underway to incorporate this initiative into our normal annual budget processes. Our vision and goal is to add additional homes in underserved neighborhoods in our City, transforming lives, improving neighborhoods, and sharing the Gospel with our new neighbors.