By: Elaine Altman-Eller
I removed that revolving door on my heart today; the one that kept on being used in ways that were harmful to us both. I re-moved it after I read and learned through my readings that you and I were caught in a cycle that wasn’t healthy for either of us. That revolving door was confusing my head and taking up too much of my mind space in all the wrong ways. I allowed it to be that way because I thought that was how it was sup-posed to be. That revolving door on my heart kept me so busy that I had forgot-ten that I was important too. I read about boundaries and enabling and saw myself in a way I had never thought of before. I realized that by speaking out and reaching out to others that I was being used as an escape for your continued use of the very thing I want to rid you of. My heart wanted to keep you close and safe, but by allowing that revolving door to spin around and around, I was adding to your con-fusion as well. So I closed it off. I have replaced it with a single door that swings only one way. It will open up when you do and admit that you are ready to create change. It will not close completely on you, because I do love you. I just had to come to terms with the fact that if I allow you to use me, you will never use your sense of ability to see a different way; to live a life that you can be proud of and have peace. The door to my heart is open to you, al-ways has been and always will be. Just a slight adjustment so we both will get what it is we need from one another.