Ministry Scope and Programs - On Wings Like A Dove

Details of Who We Are And What We Do

-On Wings Like A Dove is a Christ-centered ministry to prodigals, prisoners, and their families, providing tools and resources to encourage the troubled to walk in the light and not the darkness.

-We stay in contact with families of prodigals

through bi-weekly Prayer and Support Group meetings for Families, weekly Prayer and Bible Study meetings for Ladies, and annual Ladies Retreats for moms of prodigals to spend time away in fellowship, prayer, Bible study, and worship. We also stay connected via our monthly Family Newsletter, available either through the mail or by email.

-We connect with inmates who write to us and/or subscribe to our monthly Inmate Newsletter. We provide opportunities for prisoners to have pen pal connections with mentors who volunteer to engage the inmate with the exchange of letters in the mail. Moreover, we offer ESV Study Bibles to inmates who request a Bible, and also provide Bible Correspondence Study Courses. Mentors use the mail to interact with the inmates as they complete chapter by chapter Bible book studies, critiquing the inmate’s answers, always with a clear view toward sharing the Gospel with the inmate, giving them opportunity to receive Jesus as Savior and have their lives transformed forever by Grace.

-One of the greatest needs of inmates returning to society is faith-based transitional housing. Our On Wings of Hope initiative helps meet this need in our community. Our first On Wings of Hope Men’s House on Bon Air Ave is open with 4 residents, with a fifth joining us very soon. Our first On Wings of Hope Women’s House on Pine Tree Rd is open with 2 residents onboard. Additional applications are currently under review for approval. Each home exists to provide transitional housing to ex-offenders at the time of their release from prison, as part of a 12-month closely managed faith-based program to enable qualified residential participants to gain life skills, employment opportunity, confidence, and a new sense of what it means to be a good citizen in a healthy community.

-Evangelism, Discipleship, and Life Transformation are the motivations for all our prisoner outreach initiatives.

-On Wings Like A Dove also sponsors a Treasure Box ministry to provide gifts and encouragement to children in underserved families. We deliver Treasure Boxes in the Rolling Hills community at various times through the year. We also partner with Forgiven Ministries, a non-profit which fosters “day-camps” in safe environments where supervised inmates can actually spend the day with their own children. We supply Treasure Boxes and stuffed animals for those day-camp opportunities.

-In addition to Treasure Boxes, through our Resource Center and our Compassion Fund we provide clothing and other practical support for families in Rolling Hills. We visit the neighborhood at particular times throughout the year. One of the key times we visit is in late summer, just before school starts, providing backpacks and school supplies for students.