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Ladies Retreat 2024 Recap

Manifest in Me

“Be filled with the Spirit”
Ephesians 5:18
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Manifest in Me was the theme for our Ladies Retreat.
“Manifesting your spirit is a spiritual discipline.Life in the Spirit is about digging out a well.
God wants to dig into us, removing the dirt and things that cover up the living water He has put within us.
It is simple displacement – there are things that He must remove in order for the Holy Spirit to completely fill us.”  Graham Cooke, from Manifesting Your Spirit

The Spirit certainly manifested throughout the weekend in ways only He can. So many lives were touched and we believe each lady left a different person. Velma is such a wonderful teacher and we will have much to ponder over the summer as we dig deeper into the Scriptures in our prayer journals Kathy Vanhoy created. 

Retreat 2024 Group
New People

We had a lot of new participants and that is always welcome. We are so grateful for our time together. We pray that the 2024 attendees were open to His truths and were refreshed and renewed in their spirits as they learned to lay down their will for His. Philippians 2:13 says “It is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” 

As Velma dressed up in her fatigues she reminded us that this is War.
We are in a Spiritual Battle but God is our Commander in Chief
and is fighting those battles for us.
Velma Fatigues

We thank all the ones who worked so hard to provide the needed supplies:
Kathy Vanhoy, Teresa Winfree, Debbie Hampton, and Glenda Mott.
We also want to thank our Worship Leaders Elizabeth Trogdon and Cynthia Moore for their part in providing
both music and wisdom at each session.
Kathy Allen was our Leader throughout the weekend as she made announcements
and gathered us together for our sessions. 
Janice Welch welcomed each lady in on Friday and gave them their materials.
It was truly a wonderful time!

Retreat Group 1
Retreat Group 4
Retreat Group 2