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Come to Me, all those laboring and being burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28.  Our Retreats are designed to pull you aside from your difficult circumstances to a place on the mountain to find rest for your weary soul. Retreat means: to withdraw; it’s a place of retirement, quiet, security.  If our Lord needed to withdraw from the daily activities as He walked the earth, how much more do we?  We believe this invitation is from God calling you to come aside to rest in Him.

Recently I found these words in my Charles Spurgeon Devotional:

“Come to Me,” “Come,”——a simple word, but very full of meaning. To come is to leave one thing and to advance to another. Come, then, laboring and being burdened; leave your legal labors; leave your self-reliant efforts; leave your sins; leave all in which you have trusted before, and come to Jesus. ”  If you want to come before His throne and find His favor in your walk, join us in May. We will discover together the Preparation needed to approach Him. We will also talk about the Protocol of the King and what He longs for as we draw closer and closer to His chambers. One night with the King changes everything. Come and join us. The time is drawing near.  We already have several who have registered, so be sure to reserve your spot. Remember there will be part and full scholarships available if you need them.

If the King is calling you away with Him please don’t say no to Him. Come and find REST for your weary souls. Come and advance towards your King of Kings in a deeper more intimate relationship. Be refreshed and renewed on the mountain so that you will be better equipped for the valley.

Email  sandra@onwingslikeadove.com to register and send in your $50.00 deposit. The rest will be due by May 1, 2014. We are looking for you to COME.

“Do not be afraid of the enemy; (earnestly) remember the Lord and imprint Him (on your minds), great and terrible, and (take courage to) fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.”
Nehemiah 4:14.