OWOH Resident Application - Online

On Wings of Hope Resident Application Version 3, April 9, 2024; Online Version April 9, 2024


To show the love of Jesus by providing financial (physical) and spiritual support to newly released inmates returning to our communities and to help you become self-sufficient. These funds will give you a chance to establish yourself as a productive member of your community. This On Wings of Hope program is part of the On Wings Like A Dove Ministry.

Program Description:

On Wings of Hope funds and Mentor support will be used to help you choose what type of support you need. Possible areas of support include: adequate safe housing, food, hygiene supplies, furniture, clothes, transportation, insurance, etc. The funds will be paid directly to the providers of the services. An approved applicant will be assigned a Mentor(s) to provide accountability and guidance on what a productive member of society looks like as well as help with spiritual needs and financial planning. Initially, this program will be restricted to persons wanting to live in the Winston Salem, NC area. If you are completing your application online, your completed and submitted online application will be emailed to the OWOH Application Committee, with a PDF of the completed application emailed to you within 5 days of submission.

If you wish to complete a paper application, first, at the top of this page, go back to the On Wings of Hope menu, then to the OWOH Resident Application menu, then click on OWOH Resident Application PDF, now click on Download PDF, and print and complete the paper application. You must mail your completed paper application to:  On Wings Like A Dove Ministry, Attention: OWOH Applications, 455 South Church Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101. If you do not have access to a printer, and wish to request a paper application, click Contact Us on the website menu at the top of this page and submit a request for a paper application to be mailed to you. Be sure to share your complete mailing address in your Contact Us request.

Important: The number of persons to be served by this program is limited.

Guidelines & Requirements to submit an application:

  1. Must have the ability and desire to hold a full-time job with job training
  2. Must accept a provided accountability Mentor(s) for a one-year period
  3. Must be clean from any illegal drug usage and sober (not an official recovery program) but we encourage any recovery ministry involvement
  4. Willingness to participate in On Wings Like A Dove bible studies & ministry services and hear the good news of the Gospel in all areas of the program interaction
  5. Willingness to participate and adhere to a 12-month budget and weaning from financial support in months 7-12 & adhere to a savings plan to be monitored by Mentor
  6. Applicants with current medical conditions must follow their doctor’s medicine prescription
  7. Applicants will not be given housing support IF you have another option and opportunity to have a safe home environment to return to
  8. Must have desire to return as a productive member of society
  9. Applies to both Men and Women
  10. Release date must be within 6 months of application
  11. Must release medical records to program if asked by the program
  12. Must have been incarcerated for at least a 12-month period
  13. Must allow and give permission for parole officer to speak to Mentor(s) regarding your case
Please complete all of the following. Each field is required before the online form can be submitted.
Email Address (Required for online applications.) If you do not have access to an email address, please see the last paragraph in the Program Description section above for instructions regarding completing and mailing in a paper application.
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Signature (REQUIRED)
By providing my signature below, I attest that all the information on this application is true and I commit to fully follow all the program requirements stated above. (Use your mouse to provide your signature in the box. Type your name, as signed, in the box below your signature.)
After you click on the Submit Application button below, your completed application will be emailed to the OWOH Application Committee, with a PDF of the application emailed to you within 5 days of submission. If you would rather submit a paper application instead, please see the notes about paper applications in the last paragraph of the Program Description section near the top of this online form. Thank you.