Answered Prayer!
Our prayer partners have been praying for Jesse’s upcoming presentation before the parole board. He had served 7 years of his sentence and done well with his education for a future employment in welding and had taken the time to better himself in other ways. I felt the 7 years was significant as it represents completion. That didn’t mean his time would be completed but we prayed it would. I gave his mother, Jerri, the 2 Chronicles 20 passage about the battle being the Lords….to stand still and see His deliverance.

I was in my study at home sitting at the window when I decided to call Jerri to encourage and pray with her. As we were sharing two deer came up to my window. I told her that the deer were very significant and that I would have to go back to SOS and study the passage where it talked about the deer looking in the window. I found the scripture in SOS 2:8-9, “The voice of my beloved! Behold, he cometh leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills. My beloved is like a roe or a young hart: behold, he standeth behind our wall, he looketh forth (“looketh in”) at the windows, showing himself thorough the lattice.” Wow!! The note said: “Mountains and hills in the Bible all refer to difficulties and hindrances. “He cometh leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills” denotes that there is nothing so high or formidable as to hinder or prevent His approach to His loved one. Christ is risen and triumphs over every difficulty and hindrance. He leaps!!! All hindrances are removed.

Then as Jimmy and I walked in the neighborhood, 13 deer ran across our path twice…leaping and skipping. I knew in my heart that He was doing a work in Jesse’s case and might just bring him home. Mom texted me this morning to say: It is accomplished. I am praising God for all your prayers on behalf of this family over the years. We have been ministering to them at least 6 years or more. They have come full circle. Tears are shed for a season but joy has come this morning. I may just skip and leap!!! Our God is Mighty and Worthy of our praise. May this give you all hope in your own situation. We will hopefully hear from Jerri in the coming month or so.