All of us have dreams in our hearts that seem too wild or unachievable. To pursue them could mean great gain, but it could mean great loss and pain. So, much like a rushing river whose power cannot be fully harnessed, we build walls to contain it, often without even knowing we are building them.

“Our Fall Retreat. It was a great time at a special spot. Praising God.”

We go through life bumping up against things, like the expectations of others fear, and rejection that lead us to quietly start laying bricks, just a few at a time, until one day we wake up and realize we have walled ourselves off from our own heart. We are no longer living out of our true selves. The Creator, the loving Artist who was so intricately involved in knitting you together in your mother’s womb, is longing for you to discover the masterpiece of you. He desires for you to discover the joy of living out of everything he has put in you for life and godliness. This journey requires you to take the time to take an honest look at your story. It will require peeling back some layers to get beyond what you do to why you do what you do. True freedom is waiting when you cease striving to fit into every-one’s box and become exactly who God designed you to be.

“I had never been to a re-treat. My expectations were way beyond my imagination. I feel so blessed and it was from God. God has put such beautiful people in my path. I felt rejuvenated. I learned I cannot change my son, but I can ME through God’s power.”