Once again, we got away on retreat to Lake James thanks to the generosity of Frank and Cindy Miller. What a beautiful place to be enveloped by God’s beautiful creation and majesty. This time we focused on God’s design for each individual through learning our spiritual gift and living it out. We learned why some things we try to do leave us drained and exhausted yet others energize us. We learned what it means to live from our God given design.

nov13_1Most were unclear of what their spiritual gift was. They had an opportunity to examine it by taking a survey of things that helped them determine their dominant gift. Some were surprised, not thinking that they had strengths in their particular results. But the more we discussed and listened to the attributes of each gift their spirit was awakened to the fact. It was cool to watch each one recognize what God had created them to be!

I pray as they continue to study and develop their gift that God will use them in ministry to others out of that realization. After all, the key is living out of God’s gift in you to impact others for His glory.

We visited the Chapel at the Cove on Saturday morning. We were able to see how Billy and Ruth Graham, Cliff Barrows and George Beverly Shea certainly lived their persona (what God created them to be) as they reached many for Christ by individually allowing God to use them for His purposes. We also saw how one young man who sold cell phones stepped onto the stage on a British talent show. No one expected what they heard – after all he didn’t look like anything good would come out as he stood to sing, but when he opened his mouth out came the most beautiful opera you’ve ever heard. His name is Paul Potts. He stepped into his persona and today he sings before kings and queens.

nov13_2Are you living out your full potential? It should be our desire.
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